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IPL Post Treatment Instructions

  • You may use sun-screen and makeup immediately post treatment.

  • For 3-5 days post treatment (or as long as your skin is pink), the skin should be treated lightly.  No harsh creams (glycolics, Benzyl Peroxide, or Retin A).  Tepid water only.  Avoid sun exposure.

  • If crusted areas appear after treatment, they should be kept soft with a lubricating cream such as Aquaphor or Vaseline.

  • The darkened areas are scheduled to fall off in 1-4 weeks.

  • The face usually resolves faster than the neck or chest. In the rare possibility that any open areas should occur, Bacitracin may be used, 3 times a day. If crusting occurs, avoid picking at it. Any change in pigmentation will usually resolve in a few months.

  • Occasionally swelling occurs the day following treatment. You may take 1 Benadryl tablet as needed every 3-4 hours to reduce swelling.

  • Moisturize with Aloe Vera gel or any light moisturizer.  We recommend EltaMD post procedure care. 

  • Chemical Peels or microdermabrasion may be done 2 weeks after treatment, only if all areas of sloughing have resolved.

  • Use of a sunblock of 30 spf or greater is mandatory. Remember, you are here to resolve sun damage!

  • Cold Sores: A person who has already had cold sores can experience an outbreak in response to sunlight and trauma. The IPL light can (rarely) trigger one of these outbreaks in someone who has already had cold sores. If you have a history of cold sores, please let us know. We will give you a prescription for an anti-viral medication.

RESULTS: Maximum results for discoloration is usually seen about the 3rd treatment.

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