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Kybella Post Treatment Instructions

  1. Apply ice every hour for at least 15min. You make apply it for 5 min intervals with 10 min breaks, but avoid prolonged icing to avoid developing frostbite

  2. Avoid massaging or manipulating the swelling area

  3. You can take either 2 pills of Extra Strength Tylenol or 3-4 pills of over the counter Ibuprofen, if significant discomfort develops. 

  4. Wear a tight head wrap around your neck/chin area. You may go to sleep wearing it

  5. Sleep with your head slightly elevated, preferably on 2-3 pillows for 2-3 nights.

  6. You may shower and wash your face as you regularly do.

  7. You may apply moisturizers or sunscreen to treatment area the next day.

  8. You may apply Arnica gel if you develop any bruising to expedite the healing process

  9. Avoid any gym activity for 3 days as exercise is known to worsen swelling

  10. It is absolutely normal to feel and see mild to moderate swelling, numbness, hardness to touch, tingling, redness and tenderness at the site of injections. You may occasionally see bruising or small bleeding that should resolve spontaneously

  11. Most swelling happens immediately and the following day after treatment and will start improving by day 5

  12. If you develop difficulty breathing, difficulty swallowing, skin discoloration or scabbing, you must immediately inform Theresa Hoffman, PA-C 910-367-5223.

  13. If you have any other concerns not listed, please feel free to call or email our office and we will speak to you to answer any questions.

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